Comcast: We Won’t Terminate Your Account Under Six Strikes; We’ll Just Block Every Single Website

An article posted here: show’s how far the content producers will go to protect their copyright. While many people do not realize just how many cable channels Comcast owns it is clear that they want to take a bite out of piracy. They will hijack users web browser traffic and send them to a page that instructs the user to call them to ‘resolve’ the accusation.

But is shutting down piracy a good thing? Just yesterday I read an article that stated Games of Thrones was happy that it was on bit-torrent sites and being downloaded illegally.  Yes that’s right, they were happy about it as it was extending their reach, creating buzz and drawing more attention and creating more fans of the show.

“With millions of downloads per episode Game of Thrones was by far the most pirated TV-show of last year. However, according to the show’s director, David Petrarca, these unauthorized downloads actually do more good than harm. Petrarca explains that the show needs “cultural buzz” to thrive and survive, and this buzz is being generated in part by pirates.”

Does Comcast and the other “Six Strikes” followers have it all wrong?


FIGHT BACK and tell them that this is bad for everyone.

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