Volleyball Sign Language (ASL) & Support Charity in the Deaflympics

If you play volleyball then you know how important it is to talk. If you’ve ever had a coach then surely they have yelled at you to talk more. It’s true, it helps the game. Not only does the communication help but the action of doing it keeps you mentally engaged with the game.

Have you ever played on a team or against a team that speaks a different language? Well I have! It actually was ok – even though I don’t know Spanish I was able to follow along by listening to who was speaking. If it was the setter and they weren’t near the 2nd ball I knew that the word I didn’t understand was probably help. But you can also tell a lot from what their body is saying. The setter wasn’t going for that ball so that alone told me that someone needs to get that ball.

Body cues can tell you a lot, you just need to “listen” and by “listen” I mean watching their body language. Have you ever played with a deaf person? Well I have! It was no different then playing with someone who spoke a different language. I just needed to watch for the body language.

However it is nice to know some signs. Have you ever wondered how to sign, serve, hit, pass, set, good job, good point, and so on? Well my team mate, Charity, put together a tutorial video with her girlfriend Robyn.

Charity is also looking for donations to sponsor her to go to the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria for beach volleyball, yes that’s doubles! Please support Charity by donating today!

Click on the [CC] to turn on the Closed Captions

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