head-crop-pixelsBy day: PHP5 and Drupal 7 programmer.
By night: volleyball, cars, movies or drinks.

I started doing BASIC programming on a TRS-80, I think I was 8. It was my friends computer so I was always excited to go over there although that didn’t happen that much.

I got an Apple IIc later on and created a few database applications. One was my address book and the other was a catalog inventory of what movies we had.

Not sure when it happened but I was hooked on computers!

I graduated from college with a BS Computer Science. I’ve been in the computer business ever since. My first job as a programmer was in 2000, it was using ColdFusion 4. Later on I started to do more PHP4 than ColdFusion. I quickly made moved to PHP5 which I love for all of the OO, object orientated, goodness and have been continuing with PHP ever since. The community is outstanding, very open to share and help others. It is a great experience and is why I have stuck with it. If it wasn’t for the community I wouldn’t be the experienced PHP developer that I am today.

I’m currently doing PHP OOP in the mvc framework called CodeIgniter.

Well thanks for stopping by and reading this.  I will hopefully get more ‘about’ me when I get around to sharing more; but now it is time to get back to the code!


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