30th Annual New York AIDS Walk

30th Annual NY AIDS WALK

30th Annual NY AIDS WALK

I am proud to participate again in the 30th Annual New York AIDS Walk on May 17, 2015. The AIDS Walk is a yearly 10K fundraising walk supporting GMHC and over 40 AIDS service organizations.

As many of my good friends know, this walk means a lot to me. One of my dear friends has been living with HIV since the late 80’s. He’s only alive today because of organizations like GMHC who help those that are less fortunate.  If this isn’t enough reason to donate to me then listen to what else GMHC does.

  • Funds raised benefit GMHC and more than 40 other AIDS organizations in the tri-state area.
  • HIV tests to help people know their status
  • Groceries for a family affected by HIV
  • Safer sex kits to stop the spread of HIV
  • Hot meals for people living with HIV served in GMHC’s dining room
  • HIV Prevention education services, many of which are for the youth.
  • Counseling
  • and many many more!

Please support me by registering or donating through this yearly tradition. Together we can make a difference!

Donate HERE!

George Segal’s Gay Liberation statues

Benefit for Christopher Park on Thursday November 13th

It’s always a good time for a garden party. Especially one that benefits the ONLY public park in the United States with a monument to the Gay Rights Movement within. We’re talking about the world-famous Christopher Park and George Segal’s Gay Liberation statues.

We cordially invite you to join us for fun and libations on November 13th from 7-9 p.m at Monster Bar. Proceeds from the event will go to the non-profit Christopher Park Alliance, a group of Greenwich Village neighbors who are transforming the park, through volunteer effort and community donations, from seedy embarrassment to welcoming oasis – a fitting setting for this important gay rights monument in the neighborhood where it all began.

OPEN BAR from 7 – 9 p.m. with a $20 suggested donation.

Don’t miss this chance to make a difference!

Tax-deductible donations can also be made at ChristopherPark.org.

Christopher Park Benefit

$25 can help this cause & tax deductible!

PROVIDENCE the play by David A. Gill

Four ‘Mos Productions

Providence the play by David A. Gill

the play by David A. Gill

 Four ‘Mos Productions will present PROVIDENCE, by David A. Gill, for a limited run, October 9 – 26, at Roy Arias Stage IV. Gill’s first full-length play, PROVIDENCE was produced at Transient Theater in Chicago & has since gone through a series of workshops before this New York premiere. Directed by Tom Wallace, the show has Set, Light & Sound Design by Charles Kirby & Costume Design by Jonathan Michaud. Kristen Alberda serves as Stage Manager.

Stranded in the Providence, Rhode Island bus station by a benevolent act of sabotage, a group of misfit travelers find themselves in the wrong place at the right time. Through their confrontations, secrets are revealed, discoveries made & destinations altered forever. PROVIDENCE takes a compassionate, yet wildly funny look at love, guilt, betrayal, nonsense & finding your nature, teaching us that salvation isn’t a place you can arrive at by bus.

Featured in the cast of this AEA Showcase Production are Nick Adamson, Nic0 Meyer Allen, Joel T. Bauer*, Carla Briscoe*, Todd Butera*, Richard Lear*, Geri-Nikole Love & Michelangelo Milano*.

DAVID A. GILL (Playwright) is also the author of California (one act) & has just completed his second full length play, Experimenting with Katz, currently being submitted to various play festivals & theatre companies. He is also the co-author of two television pilots with Tony Nation, both of which are being represented by Bohemia Group. As an actor, he was last seen on the Gray Wig stage at Hofstra University as Bobby in Company & as Will Parker in Oklahoma! He originated the title role in the Chicago production of Jeffrey (Transient Theater), as well as Arthur in Love, Valour, Compassion (Victory Gardens) & can be heard on the original cast recording of Fairy Tales by Eric Lane Barnes.

TOM WALLACE (Director) has directed over 50 plays & musicals in the tri-state area, including Blithe Spirit, The Oldest Profession, Regrets Only, Separate Beds & Auntie Mame, to name a few. Tom has also directed 7 productions for The Concert Series at Hofstra University & and for the past 15 years, has been the director of The Rep Company, which is the honors theatre program at The Usdan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts. He directed Tess, the Musical for the York Theater Company’s staged reading series.

OPENS: October 9-26, 2014 ~ Thursday – Saturday 8PM, Sunday 2PM
THEATRE: Roy Arias Stage IV ~ 300 West 43rd Street
RESERVATIONS: (646-637-2709) or http://www.providencetheplay.com


How to convert SSH key for Putty

Do you need to work on both MAC and Windows PC? Do you want to use the same SSH private key on both? Then keep reading because it’s not impossible.

If you are on a MAC or other Linux varieties that use openSSH for it’s private key generation we can take that key and convert it to Putty’s PPK format.

I’ve only done this once so I’m a newbie, here’s the steps I did to make it happen.

I sent the  SSH private key from my MAC to the Windows machine. To be extra careful with security you might want to do this through something that is encrypted (SSL) like dropbox or use a thumb drive.

Download PuTTY Key Generator from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html in the list it will say PuTTYgen.

Now install it, you can accept all the defaults.

Launch it once it’s installed.

putty import putty_save_private_key

Choose Conversions -> Import.

Select your private key, the filename should be something like id_dsa.

You’ll be prompted to enter your passphrase for the key. Once entered it will load it in to the screen.


Now under “Actions” click “Save private key”. I named my id_dsa.ppk.

You should be all set now!

NY Aids Walk 2014 – Please Support Me!

I’m once again walking for the NY Aids Walk. This will be my 9th year partaking in the NY Aids Walk. If you haven’t gone, you should. Here are some simple reasons why you should go.

  1. You’ll have a sense of pride that comes with being with THOUSANDS of people who all care and want to stop this epidemic.
  2. You’ll get some nifty snacks along the way as many sponsors support this cause.
  3. You’ll feel better for getting some exercising by completing the 10K course.
  4. You’ll get to see some celebrities that are there to cheer you on.

Why should you sponsor me?

  1. You’ll have a sense of pride that comes from supporting someone that has such a history in giving back to the community.
  2. You’ll feel better for doing something to stop this epidemic.
  3. You’re wallet will feel lighter which should help when you’re walking up and down those stairs. :-)
  4. You can claim this as a tax deduction!
  5. and finally… because you’re amazing and you love me :)

Please sponsor me, just click here http://bit.ly/1gia0fN and follow the simple prompts.

I really appreciate this!