Browser Shortcut for JIRA!

Many thousands or million + people use JIRA every day. Raise your hand if you find a ticket by going to JIRA then change the URL to the ticket number or find it on the board? Ok put your hands down, no one can even see you… HA!

So let’s make our lives easier. The goal of the below steps will ultimately allow you to type in jira hit tab and then type in the ticket ID (i.e. proj-1234). Even if it’s lowercase, all caps, whatever, it will take you to JIRA and right in to that ticket. No more hunting and pecking or going to one or two pages before you find the ticket.

If you are using Google Chrome you may follow these directions. I have a Mac so hopefully these are similar enough for Windows users.

  1. Click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top right (some of us call this the hamburger menu symbol) and then click on Settings
  2. Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings…
  3. Under the section labeled Search, click on Manage search engines…
  4. Scroll down, down so more, until you find the form that says Add a new search engine, Keyword, and URL with %s in place of query
  5. Type in the following: Jira, jira,   *Note: you have to update the URL to match your JIRA URL and then add /browse/%s to it.
  6. Click Done

Now you can go to the address bar, pressing command l will take you in to the address bar, type jira, hit tab and then type the jira ticket id. Hitting enter will take you to JIRA and right in to this ticket.

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