I’m Now a Drupal Association Member, should I be happy?

I’ve been programming with Drupal 7 for almost 2 years now. By no means this means I’m an expert but it has been a nice journey to learn this open source CMS (Content Management System). It’s very powerful, has at least 3 different ways to do the same thing, is nearly limitless with the right programmer, time and resources.

So I decided to give back. Sure I’ve filed issues, tried to submit patches and I help others when I can but I mean give back with my wallet. So I did just that. I gave them some ca$h and now I’m a Drupal Association Member. The only thing is that it really doesn’t mean anything other then I support them. ¬†Anybody could give them money and be a member. So should I be happy?

Drupal Association Organization Member

Yes I should be happy. I’m supporting the tool that helps me do my job and in some way has given me a job by providing this tool that can be expanded in so many different ways.

In return I got a badge. It’s kind of nice looking too. So thank you to Drupal for this wonderful tool, I hope to be a part of your community for very long time.

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