Thanksgiving 10 Deadly Sins!



I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day. While I know many have the wonderful memories of families being at their best, their are some ‘lucky ones’ who have the kind of family that will drive you to the insane asylum.


Here are the top 10 deadly sins that you never want to do.

1. Never get drunk at dinner; that’s even worst then bringing flowers for the host. Yeah flowers? OH so nice so pretty so much freaking work for the host. Now they have to cut the damn things and find a fucking vase, thanks for the fucking flowers….

2. Never have a fight; this probably started over the white chilled wine you brought which was oh so thoughtful…you idiot now they have to serve it cause why else would you bring a chilled bottle?

3. Never change the music or TV channel. This is like saying, thanks for having me over, I’m actually going to take you up on that offer to ‘make myself at home’ and totally take over the media center and subject all of your guests to my horrible taste, I mean your taste sucked so clearly this is a win win!? SMH!

4. Don’t ask someone, “When are you going to get married?”. Yes fine I get it, gays can now get married in more states then ever but stop pressuring me to  get hitched up.

5. Don’t ask where some food is that you don’t see unless you brought it. That’s rude, you might as well just say that the food is dry, chewy and tastes like you imagine a dog toy treat tastes…. well unless you actually eat dog treats then speak from experience! (Probably best not to share your knowledge!)

6. Don’t fall asleep. Yes I know, the turkey has trip something whatever in it which makes you sleepy. Did you really eat that much turkey? NO you’re just old, fat, and lazy and this is a perfect way of getting out of any sort of clean up work.

7.. So actually I don’t have 10. COMMENTS – I need 3 more.. Help me out!

So what are your best memories from Thanksgiving Day from the present to the past? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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