Adventurrito Win Free Burritos for 20 years from Chipotle

It started on July 14th, Chipotle’s Anniversary, and the grand prize is 20 years of Free Burritos! That is 52 free burrito’s per a year for 20 years! I guess they figure most people only eat one a week, is it bad that I eat 2 burrito bowls a week?

So if you want in on the contest then head on over to

When Steve Ells went on his quest for better tasting pork, he didn’t know where he would end up. Turns out, there’s a special place for pigs somewhere in Iowa.

What’s the name of this magical place?  Porkutopia

With over 1400 restaurants in four countries, you could say we’re all over the map. Here’s a bird’s eye view of a place where we opened a Chipotle last year. Where in the world is this Chipotle?

Lat: 48.872007, Lon: 2.340091

The flavors at Chipotle are decidely complex and, ultimately, delicious. Imagine if they were expressed as an equation, like the one below. Before your math anxiety kicks in, have a seat with a burrito or some tacos. The missing integers may just come to you.

Hint: Look at the basket liner.
Answer: view the answer

Behind every story is always another story. With a talented crew, a lot of planning, and Willie Nelson along for the ride, we created a story about pigs, farming, and integrity. But how did it all come together? Find footage from the making of our “Back to the Start” video, and keep your eyes peeled and ears open for a special phrase that’s the answer to this puzzle:

“WHICH IS SORT OF A __________ ___ __ ________

Answer: Supersized pig on Steroids
Explanation: At 4:22 of this video

5. The FWI Freeway
Snarky. Irreverent. Award-winning. We’ve always had a lot of fun with our advertising. Using the words provided, can you reconstruct some of our favorite billboard headlines from the past? Just to keep things interesting, we threw in some extra words—because we know you like a challenge.

1. Usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal.
2. The Happy Pill. Now in a 567,000 mg dose.
3. Open wide, no wider.
4. The gourmet restaurant where you eat with your hands.
5. They beep when they backup.

6. The Live-stock Exchange
So how well do you pay attention? Do numbers in stock charts distract you? Focus, grasshopper, and tell us the first names of the three Chipotle officers introduced on this month’s quarterly earnings call.

Alex, Steve, Monty

7. A Quiet Mountain Town
They were laughing with us, not at us— at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Chipotle got called out, and we admit, it was funny. But things just got real. Someone has made the product advertised in that infamous infomercial. Show us you’ve got the lowdown on this cringe-worthy creation by filling in the info you’ll find on its barcode.

Answer: 758524899876
Source: South Park EpisodeProduct + Barcode

8. Open Pasture
We work with family farms across the country to source the best Responsibly Raised®ingredients we can find. Here is a picture from one of our partner’s farms. What’s the farm’s name?

Answer: Wiers Farm

9. CHIP Radio Tower
Just as our food is prepared by hand, our music is hand-selected. Keeping our playlists current has been a part of the Chipotle experience from the very beginning. Our special 20th anniversary selection can be found here.

Answer: 1993
Explanation: All songs in today’s playlist came out in 1993 – the year Chipotle started. Also, be sure to check out Chipotle’s streaming Music Player

10. The Shady Internet Café
We’d like to remind everyone how important it is to pick strong passwords for all your accounts. Sometimes people want to steal your identity, and sometimes they don’t even realize they’re using your computer. We had an incident along those lines recently. What Chipotle menu item was the culprit looking for?

Answer: Guacamole

 11. Cow Country
“Back to the Start” starred pigs, farmers and some cows. Everyone was great, but the cows were especially amazing. They were never late to the set, made us laugh, and always waited patiently at craft services. You could always count on them. We’d thank them if we could remember their number. Can you help?

Answer: 36 (Apparently ’35’, ’37’ and ’38’ work too). The answer has to do with when the cows appear in the Back to the Start video.

12. Free Range Press
Chipotle made the choice long ago to source food raised with respect for farmers, animals, and the environment. Most others have chosen, out of economic expediency, to source from factory farms that keep output costs low, but at high hidden cost to the animals and the land. For them, it’s all about numbers. Take a moment to think about what a robot—unbiased and purely logical—would choose in this situation, and what a human would consider when faced with this moral dilemma. Then translate the pig grid to answer this question: In a world dominated by factory farms, which group of “eaters” faces the most difficult food decisions?

Answer: Omnivore
Explanation: The pigs form this binary (pigs = 1, empty = 0): 0101 1111 0000 0100 1000 0110 0101 0110 which is the equivalent to 1594132054, the ISBN of the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”

13. Secret Culinary HQshophouse_recipe_inspiration It’s obvious that we really love burritos. But one day, we had an epiphany: why stop at burritos? So we took what we’ve learned from burritos, and applied it to another global cuisine. Do a little digging, a little traveling without moving, and you might find the inspiration to fill in these blanks.

Answer: 40, 8, 36, 16, 10 
Today’s answer has to do the Chipotle’s new stores “ShopHouse” – serving up tasty Southeast Asian cuisines. The answer can be found on the ShopHouse website under inspiration (3rd pic)

Over 20 years of existence, a lot has happened. Ladies and gentlemen, start your search engines, and put the following events in Chipotle history into chronological order.

Answer: Hello Dolly, Farming Forward, Tasty Shares, Say No To Drugs, Green Cuisine

“Game of Phones” Questions? Confusion? Comments? To get in touch with us, just head to Contact Us . We have a team standing by to help you with whatever you may need.

Answer: Acidosis
Call 1-800-Chipotle. It tells you about a Nicollete Hahn Niman book called Righteous Porkchop and asks you to find the first word on a certain page. The page is the #’s you followed to get the Adventurrito puzzle question, 3-1-3. You can then find this at Amazon’s book previews.

“SEVEN VIRTUES JUST WEREN’T ENOUGH” At Chipotle, the number 13 isn’t unlucky. It’s ideal. Thirteen of the following encrypted words are characteristics that every Chipotle employee should have. One definitely isn’t. Decode the adjectives and tell us which is not like the others.

Answer: Greedy
Explanation: The encryption is that letters are shifted by 13 letters of the alphabet. The full list of adjectives of what Chipotle expects from it’s staff is:

  1. Conscientious
  2. Respectful
  3. Hospitable
  4. Highenergy
  5. Infectiously Enthusiastic
  6. Happy
  7. Presentable
  8. Smart
  9. Polite
  10. Greedy
  11. Motivated
  12. Ambitious
  13. Curious
  14. Honest

17. E-potle

Anwer: I81UCN2
Explanation: Go to Chipotle’s web store and look for the ‘itty bitty burrito’. The answer is the style # of that shirt.

18. Adobo Amphitheater
We created the annual Chipotle Cultivate Festivals to bring together food, farmers, chefs, artisans, thought leaders, musicians, and people like you on a journey toward a world of more sustainable, wholesome and delicious food. The following Cultivate contributors are ready for their close-up. Can you zoom in and name the artists pictured here?

Answer: Bestfriends, Blitzen Trapper, LP, Youngblood Hawke
Browse around the different festivals at and match pictures

19.  The Rumor Mill
Like the most gossiped about couples in Hollywood, McDonald’s and Chipotle have often been mentioned in the same sentence with whispers of “are they or aren’t they?” Help us settle this once and for all. Does McDonald’s own Chipotle?

Answer: No

20. The Final Countdown; THE FINAL CHALLENGE, PART 1
“Our other big announcement is that we’ve altered the way the grand prize winners will be determined. In the interest of ensuring fairness, speed will no longer be a factor in the grand prize competition. Instead, we’ll randomly pick the winners from the brilliant people who complete the final puzzle correctly on the first try. That’s right, you can only submit your answers to the final puzzle once.

Remember, you have to ace the first 19 puzzles to partake in the final puzzle, and the final puzzle will only be open for 24 hours. So while your completion time won’t be a factor, you still have to be pretty speedy to get through it in just a day.”

The Adventurrito is almost over. This one, final test is all that stands between you and gastronomic glory. This 20-part 20th puzzle will require some research, but shouldn’t break your brain if you’ve paid close attention to each puzzle. How will you fare? If you took a lazier route to unlock the vault, well, let’s just say you’ll reap what ye hath sown.

While I can’t gaurentee that these answers are correct (the site doesn’t tell you if you’re correct or incorrect), I am confident that most of them are correct.
Note: Questions are in a random order for everyone so be sure you are answering the right question.
1. E-potle
Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who just made the varsity squad, was riding to the farmers market on his skateboard when he realized that he forgot to put his water bottle in his pepper print tote bag. What would this scenario cost at the Chipotle gear store? (no tax, no shipping, and currently on sale)?

Explanation:  Skate Deck: $36.00; Water bottle $14.36; Tote $13.20; Varsity Hoodie $52.00; Giuseppe Arcimboldo “Chiptole Veg Head mens t-shirt” $17.60 = $133.16

2. The Shady Internet Café
You’ve already met Joe, the head of Chipotle Social Media. Well, there’s a whole team of people working with him, responding directly to posts and tweets, blogging, posting, tweeting and so on. Who isn’t on that team?
3. Museum of Naturally‑Raised History
Speaking of Naturally-Raised History, and dinosaurs for that matter, we’re pretty concerned with the colossal amount of fossil fuel energy required to produce meat. So much so, that we’re currently working on a four-part miniseries that takes a humorous and outrageously twisted look at that issue, as part of a larger spoof of the unsustainable world of industrial agriculture. (stay tuned). According to Professor David Pimental, what is the ratio of fossil fuel calories needed to produce one calorie of meat?
4. The Rumor Mill
When Steve Ells founded Chipotle, he was on his own. As the company grew, he was determined not to franchise—which could have raised quick cash. Instead, he opted to seek out private investment. One very large company invested in Chipotle in 1998, allowing the company to grow rapidly without franchising, and then COMPLETELY sold their interest in 2006. What was that company (this should be really easy if you’ve been paying attention)?

Answer: McDonald’s

5. Farm and Charm School
So now you know the 13 characteristics of every Chipotle employee. But to prove you are truly fluent in Burrito-ese, can you tell us which of the abbreviations below does not correspond to a job title at Chipotle?

Explanation: KM = Kitchen Manager
R+ = Restaurateurs (R, R2-R4)
SM = Service Manager
ATL = Apprentice Team Leaders

6. Cow Country
For “Back to the Start,” we got Willie Nelson to cover the Coldplay song “The Scientist,” which turned into a bit of a country hit on iTunes. What artist have both Willie and Coldplay covered?

Answer: The Beatles

Explanation: Willie Nelson, Coldplay

Our animated short, “Back to the Start,” had some real-life inspiration. Sustainable hog farming is real, and a simple search can show you the truth. Who is the farmer that partially inspired this film?
8. The Live-stock Exchange
What was the closing market price on the day of Chipotle’s initial public offering?

Answer: $22.00

he IPO date was IPO Date: 1/26/2006. So you have to look at the opening price on 1/27/2006 $22.00. IPO date is not the same as 1st trading day.

9. Secret Culinary HQ
Chipotle Chef Nate Appleman is frequently on television, and recently won a big fancy culinary competition. Name the show on which he was the winner:
10. A Quiet Mountain Town
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are two of many pop culture icons that are connected to Chipotle in one way or another. Who on this list isn’t?
11. Carnitas Call Center
Nowadays you can connect with Chipotle Catering by calling 1-800-CHIPOTLE (yes, the “E” isn’t necessary, but 1-800-CHIPOTL looks silly). Before we set up that number, you had to call the restaurants directly. Imagine it is 20 years ago and you want to call Steve Ells, Chipotle’s founder. What is the sum of the digits of our first restaurant’s phone number?

Explanation:  “In 1993, Ells took what he learned in San Francisco[12] and opened the first Chipotle (39°40′42″N 104°58′04″W / 39.67834°N 104.967682°W) in DenverColorado, in a former Dolly Madison Ice Cream Store near the University of Denver campus…Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1644 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80210  (303) 722-4121

12. CHIP Radio Tower
What was the #1 Billboard song the day the first Chipotle opened?
13. Open Pasture
Chipotle is the only national restaurant company committed to buying locally on a significant scale. Last year, we purchased over 15 million pounds of local produce such as bell peppers, jalapeños, oregano, red onions, romaine lettuce, cilantro, lemons, avocados, and tomatoes. How many miles from a restaurant does Chipotle define as “local”?
14. Adobo Amphitheater
At the Chipotle Cultivate Festivals you can’t buy a burrito, no matter how much you want one. However, you can enjoy some very special menu items developed by our culinary team. Besides burritos, which of the following will you NOT find at this year’s Cultivate?

Answer: Fajita Vegetables

Fajita vegetables does not appear any of the 4 menu item descriptions.

15. The Dine-in Hall
Putting clues for Adventurrito in the hand-drawn art of our basket liners was pretty tough to pull off. Which of the following pieces of Chipotle packaging did everyone but professional designers think was misprinted because of the lorem ipsum placeholder text?

One side of the bag is designed with stream-of-consciousness writing on it: “It’s probably too small for your dreams & aspirations…” But wait… The other side is even more inspiring. They actually had the guts to print lorem ipsum on it!

16. The FWI Freeway
Which one of these classic Chipotle headlines debuted first?


17. Free Range Press

In 2011, Steve Ells, was invited to testify before Congress about what topic?

Answer: C. Chipotle’s rejection of the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animals

18. Pig-spiration Point
Jeremiah Tower gave Steve his start at Stars. Before he left to create Stars, at what legendary Northern California establishment was Tower the chef de cuisine?
19. Ye Olde Map Shoppe
By now, you know that Chipotle started in Colorado. But what states came next? Pick the answer that lists the five states to get a Chipotle after Colorado—in correct chronological order.


Answer: If you want to go strictly on what WikiPedia says then your answer is “Ohio, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona”, however I did some more digging and found 3 references to Kansas City opening in 1998 while Ohio opened in 1999 so my answer is “Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Arizona”
I think Kansas City, MO was first “The chain had 14 restaurants in the Denver area with plans to expand in Kansas City, Mo.”  Then “Kansas City was Chipotle’s second market…” which only leaves answer A.

20. The Final – Final Challenge


  1. The Final-Final Challenge


    1. Post

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